Stephanie Couch, BSc. Kin., C. Ped (c) - Lab Operations Manager, Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Stephanie graduated from the University of Windsor with a BHK in Movement Science in 2010, joined the Ontario Kinesiology Association and worked as a Kinesiologist before moving to Kelowna. She joined the Orthoquest team in September 2013 to complete her internship required for her Diploma in Pedorthics from the University of Western Ontario and she received her Canadian Certified Pedorthist designation in December 2014.

During her time as a Kinesiologist in a long term care home she dealt first hand with the challenges of decreased mobility and increased risk of falls and injuries that occur with aging. She worked on gait training with individuals and after witnessing a need for appropriate and safe footwear she pursued the Diploma in Pedorthics program and has not looked back.

She is a competitive level soccer player and enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding which are well-suited to the landscape of the Okanagan valley. As a member of the Orthoquest team she is excited to promote the company goal of helping people move well, and be well.