We carry a few extra products that we feel are very useful resources to our clients. If you have any questions regarding a product, please give us a call or come take a look in store.


The ProStretch provides a consistent stretch that targets the plantar fascia, calf, Achilles tendon and hamstrings. The tool is great for improving flexibility and range of motion at the ankle in order to reduce discomfort and improve performance.

Addaday Myofascial Release Products

Addaday products all incorporate vaired surface textures and shapes designed to release muscle and tendon adhesions, and are also designed as self massage tools to improve the health and performance. Come try out all of Addaday's massage tools today...we'd love to show you!

  • Peanut Massage Roller (Great for calves, back, & much more!)
  • Uno Massage Roller (Great for taggering those nooks & crannies)
  • Type C Massage Roller (Perfect for travelling!)
  • Type A+ Massage Roller (Tried & true massage roller)
  • Junior Massage Roller (Great for Plantar Fascia massage!)

Fisiocrem -  A natural solution for muscle and joint pain

Fisiocrem is an effective, topical solution that contains natural active ingredients to provide temporary relief to muscular and ligament aches and pains resulting from everyday life and sports injuries. Ask for a free sample in store!

Travel Roller

The travel roller is a compact self-massaging tool that fits easily in any suitcase. It comes with three different density balls that conveniently store inside the tube. The varying densities allow for effective release of different body parts such as the neck, feet, calves, shoulders, upper back, quadriceps and hamstrings. Some benefits of the travel roller include improving tissue recovery, preventing common injuries, adjustable densities and the outer extra firm design does not deform.

Exercise Tubing and Bands

We also can provide various resistance training options that are inexpensive and versatile for home training or travelling. Our portable exercise bands can be anchored in doorways and are suitable for an endless amount of exercises.

Exercise Balls

We offer a range of sizes of exercise balls to challenge core stability, balance and provide variety to any exercise routine. The exercise ball can be incorporated into a stretching program and could even be used instead of a chair to encourage proper posture and coordination.