Top 4 Suitcase Secrets

February 2019- Escaping the cold this winter? 

There are many things that could effect your trip, so we want to make sure you are off on the foot!
Here are our Top 4 Suitcase Secrets to help you pack for your best trip yet! 

1. Wear Compression Socks 
We do so much more walking and sitting than we except while on vacation. Make sure your legs stay happy all day long! Compression socks help control swelling, reduce leg fatigue, can reduce the appearance of spider and varicose veins, and increases circulation! 

2. Pack a Foam Roller 
A lot of times on vacations we are doing activities that we don't normally do, which may cause us to be a bit more sore and achier than normal! Invest in a travel roller and use it as necessary while you travel. (Pro Tip: There is secure storage inside a travel roller perfect for bringing back delicate gifts or a bottle of wine!)

3. Check Your Running Shoes 
It is very important to take a look at your current running shoes and make sure they are not worn out, are going to support you properly, and be comfortable on your feet all day long while you travel! Investing in a good, quality pair of running shoes that fit properly can be the game changer in keeping your feet and you happy throughout your trip!

4. Don't Forget A Knee Brace! (if you need one of course) 
Dealing with a current injury or condition like arthritis or osteoarthritis in your knee? Maybe your knee swells throughout the day or feels unstable when you walk longer distances? 
Bringing a knee brace on your trip may be a good idea! 
A knee brace can provide swelling control, stability and tracking for your knee, and be a great aid in pain management! It will not hinder your muscles, so no need to worry about that! But, they are good to consider if your body is needing support that it currently does not have. 

Sometimes packing can be overwhelming when preparing for a trip, so don't forget to think about your needs and what is going to keep you moving well your whole trip!

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Happy Travelling! 
Written by, 

Katrina Dittmann, BSc. Kin. 
Practicing Kinesiologist