What shoes are good for this (awkward) time of year?!

March 2019 -


"If I wear this skirt with that top, then I can’t possibly wear those shoes”



    If you are anything like me, deciding what to wear on your feet can be one of the most difficult decisions to make in the morning. After possibly tearing your room apart to first find an outfit that works with the weather, to then having to match it with a suitable pair of shoes, you might still have to cross your fingers that they are appropriate for the day ahead! With the weather seeming to change every hour from snow, to sun, to just plain cold, it can be hard to find the ‘perfect’ pair of shoes to wear this time of year. That’s why I have made a little guide full of tips and tricks for helping you find the perfect shoes for this awkward time of year.



    There always seems to be someone in the office who cranks the heat up way too high on the day you decided the wear your nice wool sweater or someone who keeps it just above freezing when you opted for short sleeves instead of long. For the ladies, I recommend finding a cute Mary-Jane style shoe for work if your dress code allows it. When it’s a cool day around the office or it has decided to snow for the fourth day in a row, you can add a cute pair of socks for a pop of colour and flair. When the weather decides to warm up, a thin nylon has you ready for spring! For the Gentleman, keep it simple with a nice dress shoe. I suggest changing it up from the typical dark colours of winter (black) and opting for a lighter brown to change things up.

Featured shoe: Dankso Loralie.


Tip: With all the slush and salt still on the roads it’s a smart idea to have a pair of shoes you can leave at work, not only will this increase the lifespan of the shoes but it will also help keep them looking sophisticated.




    With the possibility of black ice anywhere and everywhere it seems, it is important to find a shoe (or boot) that has some good traction on the bottom to keep you from falling! For men and women, my recommendations are finding either a lightweight boot (if you have cold feet an insulated boot is the way to go) or a waterproof shoe! Some of my favourite brands that meet this criterion is the Aravon Revsavor (for women) and the Dunham Stephen (for men). Not only can you dress them up if you have an impromptu lunch date, but they are a perfect ‘running errands’ shoe that will keep your feet dry and help keep you upright.

Featured shoe: Dunham Ubal Mid Boot.


Tip: if you do a lot of walking this time of year I suggest investing in a trail shoe even if you are mainly walking on cement. My go-to is the Brooks Cascadia, the deeper lugs (those things on the bottom of the shoe that help with traction) will help on icy sidewalks. This runner doesn’t have a Gore-Tex upper, but I do find my socks still stay dry all day.


Night out on the town

    Although the days will start to warm up, the evenings are still quite chilly! Thus, my recommendation for an evening where you have a fancy date or just want to dress up, for the ladies, is a cute pair of ankle boots and, for men, a snazzy pair of dress shoes (brogue is back!). Ankle boots are great for being able to hide a couple layers of socks on a cold night as you rock a pair of jeans or match with an adorable pair of tights and your favourite skirt. A statement pair of dress shoes can also go a long way in completing changing the look of a simple dress shirt and trousers.

Featured shoe: Aravon Kitt Bootie.

Tip: This is the time of year to invest in some good quality shoe cleaning products such as a leather protectant spray and a leather (or nubuck) cleaner. Using a cloth and some warm water can help to get off most the dirt and dust, but for tougher stains and grim, a cleaner will be most beneficial to keeping your shoes in tip-top condition!


While the weather can be daunting this time of year, don’t let it stop you from being your best looking self! We hope this guide can be helpful in finding the perfect pair of shoes for this awkward time of year.

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Written by,

Shayla McLean, BHK

Footwear Manager