Hand Crafted Custom Foot Orthotics

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The custom orthotic industry has changed over the past few decades. Clinicians have chosen more commonly to have their products fabricated by large automated facilities. This offers a convenience to the Pedorthist and the products can be effective although less custom than hand made. Fewer clinics have remained true to the craft and hand make their products on site.

At Orthoquest, we believe in providing high quality products that are hand made in our own clinic. The staff that greet you have a role in manufacturing your custom orthotics. We have had tremendous success in staying true to the craft even though the process is more time consuming to hand make each custom orthotic.

Automation and technology is fantastic and allows companies to produce mass amounts of products in a short period of time. Our experience however is that the personal touch and attention to detail can make all the difference in providing a custom fit. Our results have proven to provide a noticeable difference in feel, comfort, symptom relief and effectiveness. As a result we also manufacture custom orthotics for other pedorthists across the country.

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Shoe Modifications & Custom Footwear

Proper footwear can offer many benefits, however sometimes shoes may need to be modified to support and accomodate individual needs. Types of footwear modifications a Canadian Certified Pedorthist can complete range from simple to complex such as shoe stretching, rocker soles, sole splits, flares and buttresses, lifts, etc.

These modifications can be made to everyday footwear like sandals, athletic shoes, and even dress shoes. However, some modifications are not appropriate for all types of footwear so you should discuss your options with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. If you think you require a shoe modification or have been advised by a health care professional, please book an appointment with one of our Pedorthists. 

Sometimes, over the counter footwear is unable to accomodate an invidivual's needs and therefore custom footwear may be an option. However, this is usually reserved for individual's of very specific cases. It is important to discuss with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist if you think you require custom footwear and it does need to be prescribed by a health care professional.